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Lead Poisoning Prevention

Lead poisoning is one of the most common environmental illnesses among young children. Studies show that around 1 in 100 children under age 6 years old in California are found to have elevated blood lead levels that could be harmful. As a result, childhood lead poisoning can lead to problems with learning, behavior, and growth. The good news is the lead poising is preventable!

To learn how to protect children from lead exposure, our 1-hour Lead Poisoning Prevention course provides information about important steps we can take to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.

This course is ideal for Schools [Preschool teachers and employees working with children under the age of 6 years-old], Child Care Providers, Child Development Students, and anyone in work settings that involved working with young children.  

Course Highlights:

  • This course meets California Emergency Medical Services Authority standards for Childcare and Preschool Teachers.

  • 1-hour Stand-Alone Class.

  • Training course available in English and Spanish

    • Students handouts and certification are included.​

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