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VARNEL provides business consulting services to non-profit organizations and private businesses. With over 12-years of experience, our professional and experienced staff have been working with local/international organizations and businesses in the development of initial and/or strategic planning. Our focus has been in the areas of Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations Management to ensure all of your business activities are in compliance. Whether you’re just starting-up or an established business; our experienced staff can help at any stage of development to address the needs of your business. Using a thorough assessment and with attention to detail, our staff is here to identify areas of improvement and provide recommendations to enhance successes to your business.


Accounting Services

  • Government Grant Compliance Billing & Reporting

  • Private Grant Reporting

  • Budget Management

  • Full Service Accounting

    •  Accounts Payable

    •  Accounts Receivable

    •  Bank Reconciliations

  • Monthly Financial Statements for Board of Directors and Executive Team

  • Meetings

    • Cash Flow Management/Forecasts

Office Desk

Consulting Services

  • Budget Preparation/Analysis

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting

  • Accounting Policies & Procedures

    • Day-to-Day Operations

    • Monthly

    • Quarterly

    • Annually

  • Chart of Accounts Set Up

Logo/Website Design

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