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Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT)

In light of all the violence workplace stories happening across the U.S. nation, including activeshooter incidents, the need for effective response training cannot be overstated. Violent situations are unpredictable and occur quickly, and sometimes there are warning signs thathave been missed. The AVERT course trains you and/your organization to look or warningsigns, react fast in life-threatening situations, and safely minimize the impact of an occurrencewith emergency bleeding control basics.

With AVERT training, you’ll learn the important basics of life-saving techniques developed bylaw enforcement experts and medical professionals, empowering you and your team to feelconfident to react in emergency situations.

After an AVERT training session, you and your team will be able to:

Training Method

The AVERT program uses a “blended” learning approach using an online student course followed by instructor led face-to-face classroom training.

Students will first receive online training with videosfeaturing law enforcement and medical subject matter experts.

The online course portion uses a web-leaning system that consists of six lessons and is done self-paced.

Once the online portion iscomplete, the in-person session is run by a certified instructor to conduct hands-on training, realisticdrills and education with encouraging tips and feedback.

With the AVERT program, let VARNEL instructors help you and/organization to build confidence to response with appropriate action if an active violence or life-threatening situation arises.

Incidents can Happen Anywhere

The AVERT training is appropriate for all types of venues such as:

Office Settings

Manufactoring Companies

Healthcare Facilities

Events and Festivals

Sporting Venues

Open Areas and parks

Government Entities

Places of Worship

Train Your Organization & Be in Compliance with the Law

All types of organization and events need emergency training. Starting July 1, 2024, California’s
new workplace violence prevention law, SB 553 California Section 6401.9 requires employers to
develop and implement interactive training to respond to cases of workplace violence.

In fulfilling the SB 553 law training portion, the AVERT empowers individuals to be immediateresponders in life-training situations. The training emphasizes in the following 4 techniques:

1. Recognizing Warning Signs: Utilizing situational awareness to identify potentialthreats before they escalate.

2. Deciding Response Tactics: Training individuals on whether to escape, evade, orattack during an active shooter situation.

3. Emergency Bleeding Control: Teaching techniques to control bleeding in victims,potentially saving lives.

4. Quick and Confident Response: Ensuring a prompt and assured reaction toemergency situations

With AVERT, your organization will not only enhance compliance with California’s new law, but also will help with fostering a safer workplace environment.

Get in touch with us and let us help you and your organization get certified not only to adhere with legal requirements, but to also demonstrate a commitment to the safety and well-being of employees.

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